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He ain't brown anymore.

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Manager A — his real name cannot be used for legal reasons — had eight betting accounts and admitted being a gambling addict in evidence presented to a court case last year in which two former footballers were accused of blackmailing him.
Although the majority of those bets were placed on horse racing, the court was told he had also contravened FA rules by gambling on his own sport.
However, the FA has decided not to take any action, other than to issue a warning, in a judgment that the English game’s governing body has deliberately kept away from the media, almost certainly to avoid any challenging questions about its disciplinary processes.
Manager A’s identity cannot be reported because of a court order that was made when the two ex-players, Alan Rogers and Steven Jennings, were due to go on trial last year.
Rogers, formerly of clubs including Nottingham Forest and Leicester City, was charged with one count of blackmail and another of perverting the course of justice.
  • Former Everton trainee Jennings, mainly associated with Tranmere Rovers, faced gambling-related charges and alleged blackmail.
  • Both defendants initially pleaded not guilty, but Manager A changed his mind and wanted to abandon the trial.
  • Manager A had a gambling problem, with losses of £270,000 over two years, and excluded himself from mainstream gamblers.
  • The FA didn't clarify if Manager A's state of mind influenced their decision not to issue disciplinary charges.
  • Manager A's case differs from others in which players received fines or bans for single bets.
  • Tony, an England international, faced 232 breaches over four years, including betting on his own team to lose.
  • Manager A still works in English professional football but left the club where his gambling led to an FA investigation.
  • The FA faced challenges in banning Manager A due to his legal anonymity.
  • The FA has remained tight-lipped about Manager A's case, leading to questions about their priorities regarding betting rules.
  • Sponsorship deals with bookmakers in football raise concerns about mixed priorities.
  • Nottingham Forest defender Harry Toffolo received a suspended five-month ban for betting during his early career.
  • Toffolo's case differs from Manager A's as the FA remains secretive about the latter's investigation.
  • Rogers, involved in the case, is taking legal action to recover incurred legal costs.
  • Rogers denied wrongdoing and expressed frustration at being drawn into Manager A's gambling addiction.
Interested in United and Villa today.

United 6/5 home to Brighton. Seagulls only 9/5 at Old Trafford. How times have changed.
I wouldn't back United at that price m8. Brighton are just the kind of team to give Utd a lot of trouble with their slick passing.

Saying that they're (Brighton) not great at the back either.

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