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Watching a poker podcast last night with Daniel Negreanu paying tribute to Doyle Brunson, and he quoted Doyle,

"I'm a degenerate gambler, we all are, we just found something we could beat"

I'm not looking at anybody here, or in the mirror......................

Another Doyle Story was after he died, Scott Siever, a modern day poker great, said on twitter that the best compliment he ever received was when Doyle told him he and one other (can't remember) were two of the few who would have made it gambling in the old Texas road days. Scott's bubble was burst when someone told him, he was about the 20 th person he had heard that story from that day. Part of being an old Texas road gambler was knowing your customer :lol!:

Final one, and I can't remember who this was by, but it's a good one. Poker fans would know that the hand Doyle won the first 2 World Series of Poker events was ten deuce, or T2. Anyway, this young upstart at the time (who is a very successful poker player in his own right now) was playing with Doyle for the first time, and he tried to bluff him with old T2. Anyway, Doyle called his bluff, and he showed Doyle the T2. As Doyle was raking in the chips, he laughed and said "Son, do you know how many people have tried to do that to me over the years" .

God rest you Dolly, you were one of a kind.
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