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Atlanta + 1.25 AH 1.95 MB

Also, Chelsea were 7.2 earlier in the week to beat City, now 5.5 :confused:

Listening to the BF football podcast earlier, and they put up Cole Palmer AGS @ 4.33. That's gone, but you can still get 4.0 with Paddy and the sportsbook. For some reason he's a 1/4 point longer than Nicholas Jackson (insert WTF gif)
Was anyone else on this treble back in August?

I'll be throwing a hookers & blow celebration party in Monaco for us all to pat ourselves on the back. Just ping me a photo of your betting slip and I'll share the address.

Nowhere ^^^^^

1 pt EW 5.45 Bath, Sophia's Starlight @ 17.0, Fred and Denise, paying 4 places, BOG (if it wasn't for the four places I wouldn't have done this bet)

Bal 194.25
4 th.

Bal 198.45

1 Pt EW 3.15 NewB - Talis Evolvere, Sky bet 7 places* (no BOG)

Bal 196.45

*IRL I split my stakes, half with a better price, but less places and vice versa. If he does come in 6th or 7th, I still make a small profit, and there's nothing at all wrong with that. Grind it out.........
Question: do place terms in shops mimic the online ones for a given firm, particularly where extra places are concerned?

I'm that out of touch with shop betting.

@Nollaig O Muracu
Paddy usually have better terms online than in shop. If he's giving 6 places online, it'll probably be 5 in shop, giving 5 online, 4 in shop etc. But then he also has some shop specials too. This morning I backed Git maker to finish in the top 6 in the Scottish national at 2.88. He was being laid at 2.28 this morning, now 2.5, but that's more than likely being pushed out by traders (wouldn't bother for ten quid, but to each his own). Paddy do dbl odds one winner lucky 15/31 in shop, but not online (although I'm not sure if that changes by customer. Some fellas get €25 free bets, I get €1. Which I've made about 40 quid off doing random things last 4 or 5 :LOL!: )

Could have backed Foden @ Evens for a SOT, but if Pep drops him, then paddy ain't the voiding type, so I didn't bother.

Boyles are generally the same place terms online and in shop AFAIK (haven't noticed anything out of line anyway). But don't bet on the machines, as the margins are huge. I only noticed this when I forgot to bring some cash one morning. Horse I wanted to back was 4/1 on the screen, 7/2 on the machine. Boyles do still give double the odds one winner lucky15/31 etc in shop and online. Online though you get BOG, which you don't get in shop.

I very rarely go into a Ladbrokes shop so I wouldn't know.
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