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If SF run more than one candidate in constituencies where the Greens currently hold seats, than they could inflict serious damage on those Green TDs.

I’d say many Green TDs got elected the last time by people who voted SF number 1 and then gave a non FF/FG/Labour candidate their next preference. Next time out those voters will be giving SF 1 & 2.

Think there won't be many constituencies where SF recently ran only one TD that will successfully win two seats by running 2 candidates. There will likely be a big vote increase for the second candidate but tbh I can't see it being sufficient in Cork though maybe in Dublin and in Leinster/Ulster fair enough.

No harm to the two female candidates running for SF in CNC and CSC but alas I can't see either taking a seat - though if Simon Coveney runs where he will be resident north of the river, it could make the last seat in CSC a very interesting race.


Poster of Savage Greatness.

From what I have seen over the past few weeks with useless pencil pushers in the councils I wouldn't blame anyone for telling porkies on planning applications. These paid from the neck down public servants dealing with applications shouldn't be next or near the job.
These fuckers are unbelievable. Do any rules apply to politicians? Countless government politicians broke lock down rules yet Leo went on RTÉ news saying they hadn't as rules had changed...just us plebs didn’t know or understand it.

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