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What they do off the field is none of our business.2 sides to every story and who on here when they had drink on board or on a night out was never even in the smallest bit of trouble.As the saying goes let who is without sin cast the first stone.
If it was "the smallest bit of trouble", there wouldn't be a problem. Believe this was well up the scale from "smallest bit of trouble". Bit more than Christmas high jinks after a few pints!!
I am not commenting on the events that have supposedly happened in recent weeks because I think these stories can sometimes get completely out of hand and the truth can get lost as the story is retold.

However, on a general point I think it is correct to say that inter county players (hurling and football) are role models for young children and their behaviour is important and does need to be looked at .

I don't agree that bad behaviour outside of the game can be ignored.
I assume Gillane is cited for assault, or something similar.Doesn’t surprise anybody, but Limerick will brush it aside and he’ll be back for championship. Limerick will view this as inconsequential,and because they are on “top of the pile “ are under more scrutiny.They’ve had previous discipline problems with this group, most notably a brawl in New York. In a few months, it will be forgotten about, until the next problem!
I certainly agree they will deem it inconsequential. Couldn’t see us penalising one of our star men for something similar. Irrespective of what’s happening off the field, the players who give a team the best chance of winning a championship will be on the pitch. A fringe player or someone making the breakthrough might be treated differently, but unfortunately that happens in all walks of life.
Stephanie Rainey
Coughlan's, Douglas St.

15th Feb 2024 @ 8:00 pm
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