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How there is debate over this at all is staggering.
It's a technical rule and the club's responsibility.
You can guarantee if it had happened to Kilmacud they'd have been all over it.

Rules are rules lads. Even for Dubs ;)
Tony Davis was wrongly sent off in 1st half of '93 final against Derry. He was later exonerated by croke Park. Those Derry pricks never offered us a replay. So Fuck them.
Yeah agree with ya on this. Which will only lead to more teams delaying the game in the last 5/10 mins like soccer
Is there a need to stop play for the entire duration of the substitution?
Current system seems antiquated.
Yes, Subs should require a stoppage to be initiated, but after 20 seconds, play on (bar serious injury).
4th official checks that the player going off has left the field (at closest sideline) before the sub is allowed come on.
Should be well able to get a player off and a sub on and into the right position in 20 seconds.


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At moment refs are told to add 30 secs injury time for every substitution. It's why there is often quite a bit of extra time in the second half of games as majority of subs take place in second half.
A lot of people don't realise this is the case and will be shouting at ref to blow it up because there was no injuries and can't figure out where he's getting time from.
But for example 3 subs per team in second half and that's at least 3 mins added time before anything is counted for injury stoppages

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