The characters of Cork

The old wan who walks out in the middle of the Model Farm Road in the traffic.

The old fella on the green Triumph who used direct the traffic. I'm sure he's probably one of the people already mentioned above. He used make his presence felt on big match days down the Páirc. Not any more though.

Robot is another echo boy who used to sell echos outside the savoy. Why was he called "robot?"

Well when he was a youngfella, he was out playing and a car knocked him down and the wheel allegedly went over his head, and he just got up and walked away. Hence, "Robot."

I went to the North Mon with his brother.
I'd swear there was an old thread about this before, but I can't find it.

Sheila Joyce
The cowgirl of Grand Parade
Bernie Murphy
The guy who dances with headphones on
Noel 'The greatest man alive' (More Ballinlough character than Cork, I'll grant)

Ah Noel the Magic man. I remember him from school. The teachers used to always tell us to be wide of him

The elderly guy with the dog who hangs round UCC.

Ginger Murphy is his dogs name. He has the thing trained to go up to girls so he can have an aul chat
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