The characters of Cork

Only a matter of time before trolley lady and camera bike man come into conflict
Hopefully camera bike man gets a hiding,
Do tbh him but these cunts on bikes with cameras have an agenda,
Another loon up Carr's hill daily weaving in / out and causing cars to go around him,plus the absolute langball Lycra lads 3/4 abreast regularly on the carrigaline to Ballygarvan Rd and onwards
Dickheads won't move in atall to let anyone pass,
Only a matter of time before someone gets seriously hurt as they're forcing drivers to take risks overtaking
Rant over
PS ex cyclist
Stand-up Comedy Club: Low-key Funny
The Roundy, Castle St.

17th Jul 2024 @ 8:30 pm
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James Elwood

Cantys, Tomorrow @ 7pm

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