The Action Plan for Housing.

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It is all coming crashing down

Yup, the shit is really starting to hit the fan

A Bord Pleanála (ABP) board member approved planning permission for a development brought by one of her company’s clients.

Deputy chairperson Paul Hyde also voted to approve the same development despite his brother’s engineering firm submitting a report in support of the application. Though Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown County Council had recommended rejecting the proposed 493-unit apartment development, the three-person ABP board approved it last April.

According to ABP’s code of conduct, “A board member… shall not deal with or participate in the decision-making process in any case where he/she considers such involvement could give rise to an appearance of objective bias.”

‘Unduly overbearing’ said Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown County Council​

ABP board member Michelle Fagan is a 33 percent shareholder in FKL Architects, which she co-founded in 2001. Her husband, Gary Lysaght, is a company director and owns another one-third share. FKL Architects on its website states that Fagan is “on secondment” to ABP.

Oakmount, Press Up Entertainment co-owner Paddy McKillen jnr’s property development group, is one of FKL Architects’ clients. Oakmount engaged the architecture firm for the design of its 48-unit Pinnacle development in Mount Merrion, Dublin 4.

Last month Oval Targets Ltd, part of the Oakmount group, received planning permission for a 493-unit apartment development in Monkstown, south county Dublin. Fagan’s FKL Architects didn’t work on this particular project.

The press uptake on this seems to be slow as there isnt a Joe Duffy angle yet but the scale of corruption here is becoming clear.
Your answer to the valid point about derelict properties is to try and make out that they can't be brought back into use, but it doesn't end there, a more competent government than the present one would at least attempt to deal with the issues preventing them from becoming viable homes, they can be part of the answer, like it or not.

As for sneering at people's objections to new developments, each one should be taken on it's individual merits, but you prefer to label all objectors as nimbys and cranks.

Do you really think that people living near the Manhattan like having it as an empty eyesore? Of course they don't, that doesn't mean they will automatically accept any plans put forward for its development.

I gave reasons as to why many empty/vacant properties cannot be brought back into use easy/immediatly.

The local authorities are the biggest landlords and are responsible and not central Government

Objections are taken on their merit and all open and transparent online. 90% of objections are spurious if you have a look at the online planning portal

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Highlands,Glounthane and it could not happen to a bigger prick

Theres a real can of worms after being opened here

Michelle Fagan, a board member of An Bord Pleanala is now accused of not declaring her ownership of an architectural firm which provided services to a developer whose controversial plans she approved at ABP.

Fagan has just deleted her LinkedIn after this story broke.

Its starting to look like a senior counsel report isn't going to cut it for the goings on at ABP.

The current board including the now suspended Hyde and likely soon to be suspended Fagan were appointed by then housing minister Eoghan Murphy. That clown's decisions still doing wreck even after he's left politics.
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The needs immediate suspension of the board as there are clear conflicts of interest.

A tribunal beckons and planning decisions could be delayed and challenged.

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The needs immediate suspension of the board as there are clear conflicts of interest.

A tribunal beckons and planning decisions could be delayed and challenged.

I've also read that of the current board's* decisions , there have been 32 judicial reviews and 30 of those have overturned the planning boards decision.

Thats an astonishingly high percentage (93.75%) and seriously calls into question the basis of their decision making.

I understand the current audit underway is examining their planning appeals for conflict of interests. You would wonder just how many terrible calls have been made by this board.

Hyde is maintaining that in one of the cases under investigation that he didn't realise it was his brothers house when he intervened to allow planning to be granted .That stretches credibity and it is far more likely that he brought it to the chairs attention only when he realised the on the ditch website was blowing the whistle on his dodgy dealing.

I agree that the current board should be disbanded. The public cannot have any confidence in their decision making. At the very least there have been many severe breaches of the boards code of conduct and from the sounds of things Hyde and Fagan have broken the law under the section 148 of the Planning and Development act 2000 which specifically addresses the alleged conflict of interest.

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