Stuff that grinds your gears

I did the shopping in Tesco a few days ago and the receipt had a number for the domestic abuse hotline on it, just below the details of my club card savings

I found it very random tbh

Controlling money I'd common enough, as is doing all the domestic duties. Someone having to watch their every move probably has to read the receipts. Basically I don't think it is that odd.
Yeah but It was great to go in Browse Rent Get the goodies Home and get all the family around the box for an hour or so Can’t get mine to be in the same country not a mind sitting down and watching tv/etc together
Speaking of Xtra Vision, that really does seem to be a relic of society when you look back now. Paying x amount to rent a VHS cassette for a night, mad stuff.

In Douglas there was a massive Blockbuster right next door too, such was the demand.

It's such a prehistoric concept in the age of YouTube, streaming, smartphones etc.

I remember having to sign up for a waiting list for the new Pokemon game on N64 because they had only a few copies in and everyone wanted it. Now I have Pokemon Snap on my phone.
I remember in college an especially “rural” new housemate was tasked with going to Xtra vision to rent a DVD. Much to everyone’s amusement he returned back with some PlayStation 2 spy game that he thought was actually a film..

God bless him.
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My nieces car attacked by travellers As reported on red FM Little autistic boy on board terrified, e700 worth the f damage, AGS in Gran rang and they didn’t want to know, Afraid of the soap dodgers

I remember way back in the day going up to Grawn Garda Station over my car that had been stolen and spotted nearby (in a lane of Harbour View Road). They alerted me and I was up within about 20 minutes to where the car was allegedly awaiting my arrival. The car was gone when I got there.

"Not our problem" was literally what the Garda at the desk said to me when I went back to report that it wasn't where I was told it would be.

Apparently one group of joy-riders had "disabled" the car and left it stashed (where it was found) by just removing the battery. Another group of joy-riders brought their own battery and took it again.

"Not our problem" words and attitude stuck with me about those Gardai in Grawn. 😞
I worked in a video rental place for over a year back in the day.
I remember the lads coming in and heading straight for the blue movie's.
One guy in particular would be in 7 nights a week getting them and always requesting new ones.
The place cleaned up on the blue movie's, they were cheap to get as they were all knock off's and would pay back for themselves after the 4th rental compared with a normal new release back in the day that could cost £ 80 , so it would take a few weeks to get the money back on those.
Just to correct you, i only rented blue movies three nights a week not seven,
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