Stuff that grinds your gears

Yeah, the site is a disaster. Most posts hang after you hit 'post reply' and then when you refresh it undoes all of the formatting. I copy any decent length post before I hit 'post reply' so that I can paste in in properly again after the site mangles it!
Never thought of c and pasting ,
Genuinely thought twas Apple for yonks.
Can’t bate them Had all the androids Google 7 pro was the nearest to the iPhone
And Google eco system is catching up,
My youngest declined my offer last year to buy an iPhone for him Sticking to S22
If I have headphones on, a spreadsheet open, and have not asked about your dickhead children, take it as written that I'm not interested in hearing about them.
Coughlan's, Douglas St.

25th Apr 2024 @ 7:30 pm
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All Eyes On Us

Crawford Art Gallery, Today @ 10am

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