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Hank Scorpio

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If I'm driving a truck and have to meet orders on time then I'm overtaking that jerk who is doing 60kph on a 100kph road....

Who knows maybe she is into that sort of thing, I read before about a girl who had a glass toilet bowl and when having a crap
would get her fella lie on the ground and watch,
Nah, you are thinking of the fella who would lie under a glass coffee table and get some bird to curl one out on top of it.
A glass toilet wouldn't be half as effective.
It's one of the most infuriating things to experience on the road.

Was upto Dublin twice this week and Irish drivers are woeful.

Add trucks that decide to overtake other trucks as they are crawling up an incline on the motorway. 😫
Or drivers who are sitting in the slow lane behind a truck/car forever. But, they suddenly decide they want to pull into the fast lane to overtake just at the exact moment I am about to pass them in the fast lane. Causing me to suddenly slow down, turn off cruise control, and brake momentum.
Special place in hell for these c*#ts.

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