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I hope you replied back “you just need a box to the mouth”

Had a person say to me before “cheer up, it might never happen”
Fk off you twat

Hate really fake overly positive people
I wasn't sure how to respondand I still don't. I just realised from the typing others come here just to boast that. Fuck off.
No offence to you btw brother
I told someone I was depressed and they said 'you just need a fuck'.

Horrible thing to say
People are completely stupid at times. You do not suggest to someone who is vulnerable to put themselves in a more vulnerable position. In theory sex should be a happy and wonderful experience, however if you're not in a great place, the whole thing can be traumatic. Add things like body issues, uncertainty about feelings, past trauma, performance anxiety into it and a whole cocktail of emotions into it and it is a recipe for disaster. If someone genuinely wanted to have sex or be in a relationship, they would actually do something about it.
Brown rice. If I want fibre I will find it elsewhere rather than having to chew every grain of this and spit out the odd one that feels like it is made out of tree bark or metal. No.

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