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Sinn Fein are not a Normal Political Party ??


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The refusal of a newly elected Sinn Féin TD to pay any rent for four years meant another deserving family could not be housed, according to the charity that provided her family with a home. Violet-Anne Wynne – whose family was provided with a new three-bedroom home by a housing charity in 2011 – was warned of the consequences of her actions in June 2013.

Ms Wynne and her partner John Mountaine were supposed to pay €63 a week for the home when they relocated to Co. Clare with the help of Rural Resettlement Ireland (RRI), but racked up arrears of more than €12,000 before they were forced to leave by a court.
That's more relevent tbphwy
Imagine the moaning out of that Moany SF/IRA leader in The Dail is this was someone else:

Politician in abuse of perk shocker!
That kind of thing needs to be stamped out, to be frank

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