Scottish Independence?

How would you vote in the Scottish Referendum?

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You clearly don't want what exactly.

I don't want tuna in my sandwiches.
I don't want the train I'm currently on to be delayed.
I don't want Brexit to go ahead.
I don't want the earth to be destroyed by a giant asteroid strike.

I think you're going to have to be more specific in your questions
We are going around in circles,discussing economic issues. In reality Modern Orthodox economics as taught in world Universities has little bearing on the reality.
Economics has been captured and deflected away from its true purpose to share the wealth of Nations equitably. University tenure is the means of control and anyone not singing from the orthodox hymnsheet is sidelined in their career , and not published in peer journals.
Orthodox economist have come up with a mathematical formula to chart an Economy, it is called a DGSE (Dynamic Stochastic General Equilibrium).
Unfortunately this formula does not contain Money or the Banking system in its calculation and is just another obfuscation to pull a veil over the laymans understanding of how an economy operates.
To those interested in broadening their knowledge I recommend the writings of Profs. Michael Hudson @ and Bill Mitchell @
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