Russia's unjustifiable war of aggression in Ukraine


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The toll of Russia’s war on Ukrainian children is mounting.... At least 483 children have been killed and nearly 1,000 have been wounded.

We also need to remember approx 16,000 children kidnapped and taken by aggressors to russia. Those were taken by some orcs or kept in "resocialization centres", many were "lost" and there is no trace of them...

The Hague Tribunal is now looking to press charges against Lukaszenka's regime, as it turned out Belarus also took part in this crime against humanity. They are most likely will be facing the same charges as putler and his "minister for children".

Same strategy as Nazis did in occupied Poland.



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and when it comes to the ship attacked by the drones.
There is no doubt that two hit the target. This is being confirmed now on many russian channels, including official one (they said there it did not happen, but next sentence, that the tow ship was sent to take it to the port). Russian propaganda is posting photos of the ship in Sevastopol port with no marks of damage. Well, Sevastopol must be a special place where the weather changes fast each day (these photos are old, since the invasion no photo showing Sevastopol port were posted). There is an interesting theory from russian channels on the fact that it possibly might not got hit:


Those are twin vessels:



If that would be the case, that means russians tricked Turks when it comes to access via Bhosporus and Dardanele straights.
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Ouch ;)

LONDON/NEW DELHI, May 25 (Reuters) - Lloyd's Register has told India's Gatik Ship Management, which has become a major carrier of Russian oil since the Ukraine war, that it will withdraw certification of 21 of its vessels by June 3, the maritime services company told Reuters.

It is the latest setback for Gatik, which was also been forced to find new flags for 36 of its ships after they were deflagged by the St. Kitts & Nevis International Ship Registry.

"Lloyd's Register is committed to facilitating compliance with sanctions regulations on the trading of Russian oil," it said in an email to Reuters. "Where supported by evidence, we withdraw class and services from any vessels found by the relevant authorities to be breaching international sanctions."

Classification societies such as Lloyd's Register in London provide services including seaworthiness checks, certification that is vital for securing insurance and entry to ports.

Lloyd's Register said, however, that 11 of the Gatik vessels it was declassifying were also certified by the Indian Register of Shipping (IRClass).

Gatik, which is based in the Indian city of Mumbai according to shipping databases, did not respond to emailed requests for comment.

A major U.S. insurer, the American Club, also told Reuters it was no longer providing cover for Gatik ships, while Russian insurer Ingosstrakh (INGSI.MM) said


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Some Ukrainian propaganda video prior to the counter offensive launch:

and some random Ukrainian soldiers posing with containers of oil in front of S300 system with some interesting painting on ;)

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Tonight Mordor did the largest attack on Kyiv since the start of the war.
Here is how my colleague from that city described it:

The Russian morons could not deprive us of electricity - so they decided to deprive us of sleep. For the second month in a row, air attacks are coming at night on Kyiv. The attack takes place every second night according to the schedule. Today is Kyiv Day, so the Russians decided to congratulate the city with the biggest drone attack of all time. More than 40 enemy drones were destroyed in the airspace of Kyiv overnight. Several buildings were damaged, a supermarket was destroyed in the southwest of Kyiv. Several people were injured, one died







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You remember bullshit, propaganda posts from russian troll posted last year from "the concerned Aussie"? I remember well this witch hunt when I pointed those are nothing but russian fakes and part of disinformation tactics. Well seems the guy had a mishap:




I wonder if the family of this "fallen russian hero" will get 1kg of kangaroo meat and some palm oil instead of the regular set of potatoes and rapeseed oil.

and if he only stay in his heavenly mother rassiya instead of going to the filthy West, he would at least die in Ukraine or falling out the window while cleaning his basement. There would be nothing suspicious then ;)
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