Russia's unjustifiable war of aggression in Ukraine


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Those back stabbing Chinese ;) How dare they, they will freeze during winter!



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The European Union is buying its oil from India which refines the stuff from Russia and people wonder why Russian economy is doing well. There is a climate crisis caused by fossil fuels but the Europeans still feel the need to buy oil when it is coming from countries that are at war. Send Ukraine weapons yeah, decrease buying of oil, no. 🙂



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Disturbing news is reported by Dmitry Rogozin - russian propagandist (he is in the area of the events):

"Rocket strikes by the Armed Forces of Ukraine on Tokmak, Vasilyevka and Berdyansk. A lot. Their NATO barrel card (map? I believe this is a typo and should be "arta" - the art, instead of "karta" - map, piece of papier - catcha) and MLRS are working. The enemy apparently does not feel shell-hungry, is full of ammunition and is intensifying strikes in an attempt to neutralize infrastructure and headquarters. On our front line, the enemy is using kamikaze drones and some kind of chemical munitions."
According to the science, this is happening before the offensive. But. We will be able to speak confidently about the "beginning" after a massive drone raid on other facilities far from the front line, including airfields. At least, that's what the pilots predict.



From various telegram rumors about Ivan Khurs (the russian electronic warfare ship attacked by Ukrainians recently:

- there are fatalities, from the machine gun (not surprising with an attack in the stern) and also two crew members were thrown overboard by an explosion and were not found again;
- the ship was attacked by five drones: three were destroyed, two hit the target;
- there is a danger of not being able to tow the ship to port (russians claim the drones did not hit the ship. However, at the same time they officially announced sending a tow in the area).


It says:
A trough "Ivan Khurs" was found. Sailing at a speed of 0.8 knots per hour, this is just the speed of the wind in that area.

Basically it is drifting :) I wonder if it will take the course for Moskva so it will show 19 below:


Is any PROCer able to say from their experience what are the chances for this ship to sink? Calling sailors :)


Seems that VDV is deployed to Bakhmut (the town of ruins russians claim they have full control of):

What is interesting in this entry is not the fact that another officer is fertilizing the Ukrainian soil but that he must have survived Hostomel and Popasna. Especially the first case, I wonder how he managed (unless he was taken prisoner).

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  • The Russian private army Wagner lost 20,000 fighters in the drawn-out battle for Bakhmut, according to the group’s chief, Yevgeny Prigozhin. He said about 20% of the 50,000 Russian prisoners recruited to fight in the 15-month war had died in the eastern Ukrainian city, and a similar number of its regular troop. The figure was in stark contrast with claims from Moscow that it has lost just over 6,000 troops in the war, and is higher than the official estimate of the Soviet losses in the Afghanistan war of 15,000 troops between 1979 and 1989.

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