Russia's unjustifiable war of aggression in Ukraine

It says:
Pasha Mercedes was put on a signal bracelet on his leg so that, God forbid, he would not be stolen!


Ukrainians must feel pressure now because allmighty Muscovia is just putting on the second gear:

It says:
Preliminary: Russia is decommissioning and pulling Soviet T-12 100mm caliber smoothbore anti-tank guns to the front. Designed in the early 1950s, this cannon has been in use since 1961. It is the predecessor of the "Rapiers," which didn't appear until 10 years later - in the early 1970s. The T-12 prototype "caught" Stalin

Our local troll must be like the below dove of peace now:

A post from Ukrainian I am in touch since the start of russian aggression, he is monitoring the damage to the science infrastructure, museums, national treasures, heritage sites etc.:


Meet the UTR-2 radio telescope in Kharkiv region after the occupation.

UTR-2 is the world's largest radio telescope of decameter waves. It belongs to the Radio Astronomy Institute of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. The Ukrainian T-shaped radio telescope of the second modification UTR-2 has three groups of antennas of 900 meters each (North, West, South). The area of the entire complex is 150,000 square meters. One arm of the antennas is located in the South-North direction and has a length of 1,800 m. The other, accordingly, is directed to the West and has a length of 900 m.
Scientists at the Radio Astronomy Institute used UTR-2 to help NASA's Juno mission study Jupiter.

The Russians appeared near UTR-2 somewhere on February 26. And they finally occupied the territory by the end of May. They set up a barracks in the central building where the equipment was. The central building of the complex was damaged during the shelling, almost all of its equipment was destroyed.
The Russians stole all the computers that were there. In the same way, all the electronic equipment that was responsible for the operation of the radio telescope was spun up. In the basement, where there was also part of the equipment, there was a mountain of mattresses, dirty clothes, human shit and packages from dry food. The director of the Institute of Radio Astronomy said that the Russians had set up a shooting range in the Northern Collector. And now it is difficult to say whether the entire equipment that is in these collectors.
Most likely, the collectors with equipment were mined - the Ukrainian military found stretch marks there. It is also not clear in what condition the complex's antennas are - there are 2040 of them, and there may also be explosives in the grass between them.
There is no mention of any restoration work until the area is demined. The extent of damage and the cost of probable restoration work cannot be estimated at this time.







After all this, one thought does not give peace: Russia tells a lot that it is a space, fucking, state. That they conquer and explore the universe. They have some cool rockets and scientists with inventions there. And at the same time, they are destroying a unique space exploration tool.

Okay, it is clear that for the conditional Ivan from Syzran, the study of lightning on Saturn or the study of relic radiation is something very clever. And vodka and a can of sauerkraut are much closer. But can сommanders explain to their troops what kind of object this is?

After all, don't you want to show off such a trophy and keep it? Do not want. Today, I saw for myself that the Russians are some stubborn barbarians stuck in the Middle Ages. And if they get their hands on a technological device, they will drive nails into the wall with it.

And the secret of the mysterious Russian soul, which their literature writes about, is quite simple: come, kill everyone, loot everything valuable, shit from the door and smear the walls with shit. And there is no logic in this. They do it simply because they can.

I am not sure if this information is going through strong enough as it is a very interesting one.

The attack in the restaurant earlier in St. Pete's:

- It happened in St. Pete's, in a daylight. The city which orcs claim being same safe as Moscow.
- The attackers put approx 200g of materials in the trophy/prize he was handed on the meeting
- The restaurant is (or rather was) by Prigozhin (yeap, the same from Wagner PLC)
- It happened in a walking distance (around 200m) from putin's gaff there. His actual home he lived for many years with his family. He does not live there obviously, but this is a "special" place for him.

The below says:
Did you murder, rape, burn? Now they rape, murder and burn you

a comment from the board I am on:

No, he was the only one who died.

I will write a few more words, because I subscribed to his channel and read his writings more than once. Vladlen Tatarsky is in fact Maxim Fomin, a Ukrainian and a Ukrainian citizen, convicted of attempted bank robbery, and if it hadn't been for the war in Donbass in 2014 he would have just kept sitting in a Ukrainian jail - and so he took advantage of the turmoil and got out by volunteering for the separatists.
He wasn't a titan of intellect - rather, someone who figured out that it's possible to do business in war, well, maybe business-as-usual, if you write what the Russian Ministry of Defense orders. T-62s appear on the battlefield, the Russian internet in shock. Tatarsky quickly writes a post that these T-62s are not so bad. And so it has always been. The last time - today (!) he praised the great idea of taking out the wz.1944 cannons. So he didn't go with robbing a bank, but found himself living on the pot of the Russian MON. There was enough for a flat in Moscow.

Summary: Tatarsky was a propagandist completely loyal to the authorities. He sweetened both the Ministry of Defense, and Wagner, and especially the Kadyrovtsy. Did he stand out by anything? In his activities nothing special, but.... Tatarsky was the only Russian propagandist who was also a Ukrainian citizen. Ukrainian services have already liquidated traitors in occupied territories more than once. I don't know what will turn out, but I think the Ukrainian services have entered the next level.
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