Russia's unjustifiable war of aggression in Ukraine

Reminds me of the Ballyseedy massacre
Like Ballyseedy, I expect that few of those will survive. Could be from the Russian front lines in Bahkmut. The front lines there are manned by Wagner recruited convicts, the second line by recent conscripts and the third line by Wagner mercenaries who shoot any troops who retreat from the first two lines. Its a slaughter there especially among the poorly trained and equipped first two lines. Wagner have being attacking Bahkmut for weeks in an apparent attempt to prove a point to Putin that they can succeed where his army failed. The Ukrainians while taking heavy casualties have other ideas and are giving Wagner a bloody nose

I am working with a couple who are from Kharkiv and are Russian speaking as apparently are the great majority of people living in their area ... when I asked them if they would be in any way more understanding or sympathetic to the Russian position than say Ukrainian speaking people they responded by asking me if the fact that I speak English makes me somehow more understanding of the English .... oddly enough I hadn’t considered in those terms ....
Ukrainians are already leaving their country in large numbers, the Ukrainian gvt won't agree to any negotiations with Russia, they want to be part of NATO, they want Russian speaking Crimea, they want the Donbass back, all totally unrealistic objectives and more importantly they want lots of weapons and if you don't agree to all their demands you are considered an enemy.
More nonsense.

Ukrainians are leaving Ukraine because the Russians are attacking civilian infrastructure and civilians. Ukraine gets to be part of NATO if they want to be part of NATO; they are a sovereign country. Are you suggesting that Finland should not be part of NATO because it makes Putin cry? (In any case, Russia has proven that it is not a peaceful country). Crimea is part of Ukraine as is Donbas. You seem to have this strange belief that people get to break off from any country where they are a minority. Even the Russians don't believe that (see Chechnya). Nor does anyone else in the world.

Ukrainian demands are only "unrealistic" if you believe that Russia gets to be in charge of what Ukraine gets. No country should tolerate that. Once again, you reveal yourself to be no more than a Russian shill.

It is not fake, just because you say it does not make it true, that Washington Post article praises war just like Putin's propagandists in Moscow, you are deluded if you think Kiev does not have propaganda too. The Ukrainians fought an 8 year war against separatists even Gorbachev darling of the West accepted Crimea was Russian and he was hardly a war mongering Russian.

You won't accept that this war will end with compromise from both sides not just Russia conceding that Ukraine should join NATO if the US discovered that Mexico or Canada was getting weapons from Russia there would be an outcry.
"There would be an outcry". So what? Has the US conquered Cuba, which was virtually a Russian satellite? Has the US conquered Canada, which is chock full of English speakers?
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