Russia's unjustifiable war of aggression in Ukraine

Looking at last few days updates, seems the next phase of the counter is on the way?




Russian Orthodox Church Patriarch Kirill urged people not to be afraid of death amid mobilization: "Go bravely to fulfil your military duty and remember that if you die for your country, you will be with God in his kingdom, glory and eternal life"

Kirill has an armoured Mercedes and 24/7 security and will not be going near the front lines.
Guys, guys what's happening? all these stories of queues at Russian borders with people "fleeing" are all getting debunked!!

Surely the posters on here verify their "information" first to avoid posting such misinformation. :lol!:

One example, the Finnish border:

even the has the story

All is good though, at least i got a good laugh from the past pages, people getting triggered left, right and centre, going into full damage control mode, Bolek throwing hissy fits and personally attacking and insulting posters, now we all know what he's really like.

You should take a few Iodine pills Bolek...

At least the Yanks are getting what they wanted, economic collapse of the EU and European manufacturers transferring to the US

Poor old BoJo in his first speech since resigning as PM makes the ultimate Freudian slip, or maybe just admitting who his real hero is. :lol!:

Here guys, if you feel triggered or stressed out, just watch Uncle Tucker.

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