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Actually, this reminds me. See the second fella in black there looking off up to the left on the picture. He's clapping his hands in a way I've noticed only rugby players do when they parade into the dressing room after a match. Oafs hit BOTH palms off each other rather than hitting one palm with the backs of the fingers of your other hand like normal people.

I think it's seen as a more manly way to clap by oaf ballers. I don't know if this is a thing but I think we all need to be vigilant here and set our rogbish warning systems for it. I'm sure it's probably because Napolean or some other great general clapped that way.
Soft hands doncha know.

“Particularly so since it was confirmed the Springboks will be donning their full metal jacket. A 7-1 benchloaded with extra slabs of forward muscle has made their intentions crystal clear and dominated the pre-game media agenda.”

Any references to the “voortrekkers” and the boks long journey or pilgrimage that was 4 years in the making?

Bonus points on Saturday for the commentators mentioning the ball travelling long distances in the high veldt vs at sea level like a missile!
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