Rate the last movie you watched out of 10

Road House 3.5/10
It's so bad it's fun
I agree entirely.
Its an awful movie that's for some unknown reason is great fun to watch, like Highlander but not as good. Check your brain at the door, drink too much alcohol and enjoy the shit show.
McGregor was so bad it actually made the film better. His accent reminds me of someone(edit:might be Brendan Grace actually) but I couldn't put my finger on who it is and the gatch was like something you'd see out of a knocknaheeny teen.
Poor Things- 7/10

Emma Stone was amazing in it, she definitely deserved the Oscar. Overall, it's an odd odd movie, but very funny in parts. Anyone even remotely prudish about sex scenes would do well to avoid it though!
His turns in Leaving Las Vegas and Adaptation are up there with anyone

His tax issues means hes churned out mostly rubbish in the last 20 years but in films like Pig he can remind you hes well able to act.

Has worked with some of the biggest directors. Scorsese, David Lynch, Brian De Palma, The Coen Bros. Hes no slouch.

Watched pig last night, very good
All of us strangers.


Andrew Scott is a Gay writer and starts a relationship with Paul Mescal a Neighbor while having flashback/dream interactions with his dead parents (no spoilers in there its establised they are dead very early on)

the Critics were raving about it and their is some good acting on show but it didn't land at all for me.

Some of the personal scenes with Scott and Mescal, Jamie Bell and Clare Foy were good but the overall story was lacking i thought. i wouldn't be arsed with it to be honest.

Also Scott must be shit at accents, the script required no less than two bits of exposition to explain why he has an Irish accent.

First time i saw Mescal since Normal People, he is quite good to be fair to him

Nice to see Billy Elliot still getting decent roles 20 years later
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