Rate the last movie you watched out of 10

Salt burn 7.5/10

Excellent writing, acting & directing.

Pretty dark and weird in parts but in a good way. Also quite funny at times.

Master class from Barry Keoghan he really is so uniquely awkward but pulls it off in a way few can.

I would recommend.
Went to see Napoleon last night, it was good not great, but solid.

Joaquin was brilliant as usual and the battles scenes were fairly epic, recommend the IMAX screen in Mahon point for this one.

Amazing to think Ridley Scott is 85 and he’s still churning out block busters.


Went to see it Saturday.

Was a bit meh imo. Looked great but uninvolving really.

Hes releasing an extended version on AppleTV once the theatrical run ends.

Hope its a Kingdom of Heaven effort where the directors cut fleshes out the story.

It was a huge story to try and do in about 2hrs and 20 mins. Im guessing a lot of the substance stayed in the editing suite.
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