Rate the last movie you watched out of 10


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Cinema night in Casa Highbury last night. 2 movies, one was The Northman 4/10 a load of tripe,shite or fuck me what did i just watch.

Movie 2 was Operation Mincemeat based on a true WW2 story. 8/10. Nice to see someone make a fool of Herr Hitler.
So your saying the northman wasn't great ūüėÄ
The Northman aka Skyrim the Movie

Not sure what to make of it. Some parts were great, some were just shit. I feel like they ran out of money and then had to go back and do reshoots on a shoe string.

Give it ago and if you like the first 20 minutes, stick with it.

Bladerunner 2049 6/10 Denis doing what Denis does best.

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I am ashamed of myself for watching it.

Lol, I switched it off after 20 mins

The Northman, watched it over 2 nights (man Im middle aged). Had high expectations with the level of hype and almost in spite of myself I enjoyed it.

Your man Skaarsgard can't act for shit but it was an enjoyable enough romp. Almost played like a comedy tbh.


Everything, Everywhere, all at once.

Bonkers parallel universe comedy/martial arts/family drama.

Michelle Yeoh is outstanding in what is by far the most inventive movie you're going to see in 2022. Laughed out loud 3 or 4 times. (Theres a dog on an extendable lead fight that has to be seen to be believed.)

The Matrix crossed with a mother/ daughter story.

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The worst person in the world. 8/10

Very clever movie, also very beautiful to look at.

I was praising this a while back.

Its an odd movie for me..

The central performance by your one is jaw dropping.

Story wise , It absolutely sizzles for the opening 40. Then imo it goes awry. The cancer sidestep jars for me ( the first boyfriend worked with the director in his previous two hits and it just smacks of beefing up the role) .

It regains its feet with the ending.

Great film but not without its flaws.

Farcical that it didnt win off its nom for best original screenplay. (Belfast lol)

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