Rate the last movie you watched out of 10

Sing 2, very enjoyable, even Bono wasn't bad in it. 7/10

Off topic but I have to say my attention span is completely gone these days and It's very hard to switch off and lose myself in a movie.
I normally have to watch a film in two halves nowadays. But most often I'll just get bored after 20 minutes and never go back to it.
I reckon I have some form of Adult attention-deficit disorder tbh.
A 40 minute tv series episode is manageable, but i can't binge watch anymore.

Youtube videos actually suit me better as they're short and sweet and you're guaranteed to be interested in a video if you start watching it in the first place.

That said, I wouldn't mind not having a telly and internet for a while and see how I get on without it.

My record player and my books would probably be a lovely way to spend the evening.
I haven't watched a movie in over a year, it's more a lack of time than anything else but I think Youtube is a fantastic resource for watching stuff you're interested in for short periods.

I rarely watch any TV nowadays, I think I wasted enough of my life watching it when I was younger and don't miss it at all.
I pay for Netflix and Sky and all I do is listen to music. Can't concentrate either. I was addicted to series during college and had to stop that. I was going to bed at 5am, not a good look.
I watch movies occasionally
Colette- watched it on TV last night and enjoyed it. It was about a female author who was writing under her husbands name. Sidonie Gabrielle Colette was her full name and this is the lady below.
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