Pubs reopening June 29th

Do you know what instantly puts me off a pub?

I'll tell you.

Places where the staff have those earpieces in. It's a pub ffs, not NASA. I was down in Clancys in Youghal earlier and the staff are wandering around with these things in their ear like it was a Youghal remake of Mission Impossible.

Clancys in town have these things as well, maybe it only happens in pubs called Clancys.

I can't think of any of Benny "The King" McCabe's pubs that have this kind of shite going on. But I'm not surprised, as The King knows what he's doing.
Any pub with a kitchen needs radios to communicate. Not every member of staff but the food manager etc,
In large operations Manager(s), Supervisor(s) and security staff do need radios.
If Benny’s larger pubs don’t have them I’d question the quality of service and the security of the place

Back to normal, awaiting the next moronic outraged episode.
Plenty of trendy causes out there just waiting to be hijacked by the permanently offended, who are in dire need of constant attention.
In an unprecedented move, the Hyde Out on Douglas Street have reduced their prices based on customer feedback over the past month.

It's still too expensive but it's nice to see a pub actually bringing prices down for once instead of anally penetrating the punter without lube on a constant basis.

In pricing terms like, not literally.

What was the price change? The same drop in price across board, or only some drinks? Sounds like a publicity stunt all the same if the latter.

C.L.M.F. present Lisa Hannigan, Gemma Hayes and Paul Noonan
The Everyman, MacCurtain St.

24th Sep 2023 @ 8:00 pm
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