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Charles could become king soon, Prince Andrew could become prison queen.

Realistic, they won’t send him to prison?
He seems too powerful.
They won't send him to prison because this is a civil action. If he loses the action then he will most likely have to pay compensation to the victim.
What's the worst thing Andrew has done?
We'll say he knew that your one was 17 and he had sex when her? She was still of the legal age. Classless behaviour from Andy but he's none as Randy Andy.

So his treatment at the moment seems a bit harsh considering there hasn't even been any judgements against him.
I'd say Boris couldn't have hoped for a bigger story to take the tea party in his house (the one he's unsure he attended) off the headline news
Spot on. And don't forget the Chinese Spy in the House of Commons which they have known about for months and suddenly appears the day after the Boris humiliation.
Now that he's been stripped of almost everything he is considering becoming a pop star called "Andrew formerly known as Prince".
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