Prince Andrew..

Could be an interesting trial. One of the 4 witnesses against Ghislaine has gone public and stated that Virginia was quite proud she'd slept with Andrew, and as she was introduced to Epstein by Virginia when she was 14 and Virginia 17 that "any punishment Ghislaine gets, Virginia should get the same"

She describes how Virginia took her to Epstein's house, and helped her massage his back, and when he turned over Virginia proceeded to mount him for about 15 minutes in front of her and then when finished explained to her "that's how you do it"

This was before she had that "against her will, fearful of her life" encounter with Andrew.

She also says that Virginia was in Thailand doing an advanced massage course and she rang them and said she wasn't coming back. She'd met some surfer dude called Giuffre and was moving to Oz


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Queen strips Prince Andrew of ALL his military titles and his royal patronages and says he will have to face sexual assault lawsuit as a 'private citizen'​


Cancel culture for poor Andy.


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I'd say Boris couldn't have hoped for a bigger story to take the tea party in his house (the one he's unsure he attended) off the headline news

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