Paedo Kenneally cover up - USB stick "vanishes"

This is a common misconception people have about Republicans.

When Republicans offer to have someone shot, it doesn't mean they're going to murder him, usually it's more likely to be just a knee capping.

Alrighty....what now if it happens to be a "left footer" as the Proddies used to call them..;)
"Left footer" was a Protestant afaicr!

Not where I came from Lee!...odd how these things are eh. Recall going to High School and coming from a Southern Isle they fished around asking names and old school..on hearing mine..ahh..."Left footer" they declared (quite wrongly)...didn't care a fuck then and don't now, happily raised amongst RCC chums and relatives being a Prod made no difference to them nor me....or so far as I knew.
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