Old Cork Photos

Sheep going over Patrick's Bridge in 1905. Photo in in the American Library of Congress Collection, colourised by me (John Finn)

(I found it on FB just now)



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Rather than put this in a new thread, and I don't have a photo of it, as I was passing it in the car today.

Moving slowly in traffic on Grattan Street I noticed, across the road from Edel House, that there was a grey stone plaque in the wall of the 1st in this row of houses (? old Corpo houses). The writing was too small to make out what it said or commemorated. Does anyone know?

I'm 90% sure it's where the red arrow is pointing but I might have been dozy and it may be the house where the black arrow is pointing.



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Its a plaque for Patrick Hanley..the republican* after which that row of houses are named.

Very good middle parish heritage website

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* a proper republican..not like the modern day SF/IRA criminal scumbags
Thanks for the link, will check it out

The middle parish is also the marsh area of the city, the inhabitants are known as “marshies”
It is one of the oldest parts of the city.

My grandfather was from around the grattan street area.

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