Official Cycling Thread

Today is the big one lads! If Pog can hold his advantage or grab a few more seconds then it’s looking good for him. He was lepping yesterday- even got in the sprint for the stage at the end.
Today and tomorrow decide the Tour. My fuppin telly's gone on the blink, FFS so will have to improvise. Anywhere to watch it on-line without having to do too much illegal stuff??
tg4 should have a live stream on their website if u are in Ireland,
steady uphill now for the next hour, then the Tormalet climb should start around 2pm ,
downhills and two more climbs then before the finish so a tough day ahead
Healy and Van Der Poel away in the break on the Tourmalet. A long way to go but it’s a decent group.

So, technically, Healy is only 8 minutes off the maillot jaune ATM 😎
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Fortunately remembered about RTL's livestream. My Luxembourgish is non-existent even after 23 years but the coverage is good. Ben was nice and quiet on the Tourmalet. Let's see.
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11th Sep 2024 @ 8:00 pm
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