Official Cycling Thread

Big hold ups and the bizarre sight of load of cyclists running up a dirt road with their bikes, as they can't get back on as there's no traction.

Healy in the leading breakaway group.
Healy finished 5th. Now up to 20th, with his boss ten minutes behind..
As the stage developed, I thought he'd go earlier - at about the 4 or 5 km mark. At that stage, the lads might have been less inclined to go all out to get him. However, when they got to 5 and then 4, they were all going flat out and working together to hold off the chasers, so he didn't get the opportunity. Fair dues, he still gave it a good lash at 1km. He is a top racer - and with the guv'nor out of the running, he'll surely be given licence to go again.

Meanwhile, Pog is some operator - constantly sticking it to Remco and Jonas all day long. In fairness, the Visma lads had a bit more about them yesterday to give the Dane the bit of help when he needed it.
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