New Cork news website to take on the Echo

With facebook, only 1/5 posts will be seen by each follower.

They post an awful lot of shite, it's really shitty click-bait stuff.

They do but they get a lot of reactions on FB.
52k followers now. Echo have 100k. Redfm on 192k and 96fm on 146k.

You'd wonder how many people actually click through to their websites though to generate revenue for them. What actual financial gain does have all those followers give you? Keeps you relevant I suppose?

The real winners are undoubtedly Facebook. They must have spent hundreds of thousands on squirting that kind of audience.
The Complete Stone Roses
The Oliver Plunkett, Oliver Plunkett St.

1st Aug 2024 @ 8:00 pm
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Stand-up Comedy Club: Low-key Funny

The Roundy, Today @ 8:30pm

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