New Cork news website to take on the Echo

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Former RTE presenter Joe O'Shea who has returned from some time abroad has started a brand new website that it set up to compete directly with the Echo's online offering.

They're going all out with bus shelter advertising and are pouring money into social media amassing a large following on several platforms in the space of a few weeks. They've also been using power washers to write the website address on paths around the city which smacks a little bit of desperation, but they obviously need to get a big audience quickly.

According to their website they've got five or six staff writing articles, posting on social media and selling adverts so the pressure is obviously on to bring in a big readership and revenue quickly.

It looks like they're trying to take the under 40 readership from the Echo by combining news with the type of stuff you'd see on YayCork. The headlines are written in a BuzzFeed style like "Here are 5 beaches you can go to this weekend" etc.

Even their name suggests they're going for the Echo's audience...'Beo' being the Irish for 'Live' and the Echo's new website address being

It doesn't look like they're doing anything new or unique, but they're knocking out huge amounts of well written content at the moment and it'll be interesting to see if they'll impact on the Echo's online readership.

Knocking out that amount of content month after month will be relentless and you'd wonder if they'd make enough from the very intrusive advertising on the website to remain solvent but so far it looks like it has a serious plan.

The real winners in this battle however are likely to be Facebook and Twitter. CorkBeo and Echo are spending thousands on it every month to try to grab attention.
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When I first saw the title I thought it was Corkbeoir

I have just logged on and it's almost the exact format as the Brentwood Gazette.

Morto for Corkbeoir.

The mobile versions are grand but the desktop versions of those sites are desperate. Ads flapping at you, videos playing, click bait blurring the lines between news and bullshit.

Good luck to them but it's like opening a cafe in an already crowded market. You don't have a unique product so, as price to the consumer is nil (they don't charge their users), you need to present your offering in a unique way that really makes you stand out or the competition will eat you up. I don't see that here but hopefully it'll work out for them.
I just checked that site out there and look at all the trackers and cookies! :crazyeye:
Cork Beo is fucking rubbish.

When that tragic story about the 2 year old girl was reported on it yesterday the CorkBeo FB page was replying to each comment with the likes of "I know hun" and "Shocking isn't it"

It's like some wan has got hold of a new website.
Looks like they're doing well.

They've 34000 followers on Facebook now, 5k on Twitter and 1.5k on Instagram.

That's fair going on Facebook. How much do you have to part with to get that kind of a following so quickly?

You'd wonder if they're making much money though, are they in it for the long haul?
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