Nestlé Boycott

The Nestle Boycott

In order to sell more of its infant formula in third world countries, Nestle would hire women with no special training and dress them up as nurses to give out free samples of Nestle formula. The free samples lasted long enough for the mother's breast milk to dry up from lack of use. Then mothers would be forced to purchase the formula but, being poor, they would often mix the formula with unsanitary water or 'stretch' the amount of formula by diluting it with more water than recommended. The result was that babies starved all over the Third World while Nestle made huge profits from this predatory marketing strategy. Then
In 1977, a world-wide boycott was launched against the Nestle Corporation, which was found to be the most unethical of the several companies selling baby formula at the time. Consumers all across the world stopped purchasing Nestle products. The World Health Organization drafted the International Code on the Marketing of Breast Milk Substitutes, which was signed by much of the world in the early '80's and finally by the United States in 1994.

After a brief hiatus the Nestle boycott was relaunched in 1988 and continues to this day. A recent report called "Cracking the Code" outlines the many present-day violations of the W.H.O. code.

Fuckers! :mad:
It's called the Nestlé Boycott, I'm not urging people to boycott I simply posted the thread title under the name that will reap the most results should people choose to google.

I also didn't say I was or was not going to boycott Nestlé. I said their policies are horrendous and I find them sickening, they are and I do.

I couldn't give a flying fiddlers about political correctness tbh. I don't buy a lot of their products anyways so if I did decide to boycott it wouldn't be a great hardship on me, nor would it affect Nestlé, that's not the point I was ever trying to make. I wasn't aware of their practices and now that I am I'm appalled. I think it's absolutely disgraceful.

You'd have been better off putting this in your first post:

"Cute curious girl, want's to learn more about the Nestlé boycott and the reasons for it.

*bats lashes*"

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