Motorsport 2021

Practice is almost a shadow game now. Red Bull all over the shop mar dhea, no grip, then qualifying happens and boom.

Max to lead from poll to chequered flag.

I fall for it every year. I was genuinely excited we might see Alonso on pole. Anyway, the Aston Martin supposedly has good "race pace" so we'll see what happens.

Romain Grosjean secured pole for the first Indycar GP of the season.


Poster of Savage Greatness.
Ocon gets five sec time penalty for not lining up properly at the start, goes in to pit to serve it and the mechanics start too early. He then gets a 10 sec penalty :lol!:

Lol, another penalty for him, 5 secs for speeding in the pitlane
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A dominant Red Bull means another snoozefest of a season. It would be something at least if both sides of the garage were on equal terms and could race each other. Not sure if I'll bother too much with it this year.

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