Motorsport 2021

Just noticed “Monsanto.”

Autocorrect: obviously Monza. Japan and Brazil would be long haul. The rest are road trips. Donnington, Brands Hatch, and Thruxton are good circuits to visit too. The Nurburgring is a theme park.
Too many car park races now. I’ll probably watch Monaco, Silverstone, Spa Francochamps, Monsanto, Japan and Brazil.
The rest?

Monaco is the worst race of the bunch. I don't think there has been a single on track pass there in the last couple of years. The cars now are too wide for that "circuit". It is basically just a parade these days.

F1 cars are too technically advanced. The cars operate at such peak efficiency in all departments that the smallest of discrepancies in any of the department's (aerodynamics, power, tyre degradation, chassis, reliability etc...) leads to a tenth or two loss of pace. A small discrepancy in two or more departments and you are half a second off the pace. Because it is so hard to nail it across all departments, when a team does they are most likely out in front on their own because given how fine the margins are, it is always likely that one team will nail it more so than the rest.

F1 has been full of team dominance. McLaren in the early and late 90's, Williams in that one season with Mansell when they developed a suspension that left everyone scratching their heads (and eating their dust) Benetton in the mid 90's, Ferrari in the early 00's, Renault in the mid 00"s, Brawn had that one season where they shocked everyone, Red Bull, Mercedes and now Red Bull again. It is very rare that there is a genuine championship battle between two drivers on two different teams.

The lower classes of racing such as F2 and other series like Indycar offer much better and much more pure racing where the emphasis is way more on driver ability than on being in the "right car". The technology is far less advanced and in series like Indycar they all operate off the same chassis and so on, as a result the cars are all far more evenly matched and the racing is often far more intense and entertaining.

When it comes to technology in motor racing, better is often not better.

Still for all its faults and it's often boring predictability, when F1 has a genuine championship battle it is hard to beat, it's just a shame it doesn't happen more often.


Poster of Savage Greatness.
Bernie Collins in her first weekend has displayed more knowledge and tactical awareness than Naomi Schiff has in two seasons. Move Naomi to a Pinkham role now and stick Bernie on race analysis

Coco Comedy Club: Kyla Cobbler and Guests
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6th Apr 2023 @ 8:30 pm
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