Monkey pox - it’s coming

How has the thread on Monkey Pox gone to going to UCC??? Off topic.

Anyway a joke to lighten it up. I saw online Johnny Depp telling jokes to Ricky Gervais. There were a few of them,
"Why did Ricky Gervais do podcasts? So the blind could hate him too!"
"Why isn't Ricky Gervais circumcised? Because there's no end to the prick"
Tell that to the BBC
The proportion of students getting a 2:1 or above might have been rising rapidly - but it's still used as a cut-off by most big graduate recruiters.
Stephen Isherwood, head of the Institute of Student Employers (ISE), which represents the major corporate and public sector employers, says about two-thirds of graduate recruiters expect a 2:1 as a minimum requirement. Queens English you langer
That's a 2:1 you knob, not a first.
Lots of talk about this disease being in gay men mainly.
Indeed which has to pose a question

If this disease originated in Monkeys and if it is in gay men mostly

Does that mean so in order for it to cross species originally that either a gay guy had his way with a monkey or did a monkey have his way with a gay human 🤔.
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25th Apr 2024 @ 7:30 pm
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