Immigration Thread

Fellahs who never worked a day in their lives giving out about refugees and immigrants etc......

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It makes me laugh...before immigration was the main topic of discussion, every other day on Niall Boylan, Prendeville etc, the enemy was welfare cheats or sponges. (Housing aside of course).

Basically the same lads screaming the odds now are exactly who would be public enemy number one only for the immigrants they're protesting about.

I'm sure this is lost on them to be fair, as they continue their Tommy Robinson tribute act. Gobshites
According to Newstalk, he was working undercover 😂
Have you got a link to that, TwatBoy?

From your m8, TobyNothoughts of relevance.
How was it undercover when he has already interviewed some of the ringleaders, which they've confirmed.
You and your ilk really aren't the brightest :ROFLMAO:
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