Immigration Thread

MLMD on 96fm says if people are angry about refugee situation they should direct their anger at the govt,
Purely using this as a political football,
What else can she say?
It's a political issue. If refugees are told we have space for them are they supposed to say no?.
If people want more communication from government, that's surely the governments fault?
Moving refugees into accommodation at 2am is the fault of the government.
The government said, last year, they were planning for 200,000 refugees and have made a balls of sorting out 84,000.
Never mind the fact they've said, for 11 years, they "can't build houses overnight" yet have found the will and the way to house 84,000 refugees while record homelessness figures were announced last Friday.
Fatty O Brien, of course, was nowhere to be found last Friday.
This "consulted" word sounds businesslike but it makes no sense in reality during a "crisis".

If those refugees claimed asylum are deemed legally satisfactorily then she just supports the status quo.
Record homelessness figures announced just last Friday is the issue.
As is the ending of an eviction ban with no plan in place.
Throw in the fact the government planned for 200,000 refugees, we're at less than half that and the government have made a balls of that and this is a shit show.
O Gorman hasn't a clue.

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