Far-Right Protests in Fermoy

This is the best one. Comes fully equipt with terrible spelling and grammar too.

Disgrace this government nothing but black n tans running our government , they pay for immergrants housing and when they complain they can't take there kids to school for bullying from irish there giving cars whilst irish families of 5 living in one bed b+bs not sure were they'll sleep that night with there kids eating soup runs from the streets, absolute disgrace and there no irish men in there at all, just greedy black n tans.

You heard it on Facebook first folks. When immergrants complain to school that Irish kids are bullying them they are given free cars.
Is this "Digital Creator" gainfully employed or another of the taxpayer funded patriots?

He should stick to creating more high octane and cutting edge content, featuring an overweight middle aged man you've never met, eating a chicken supper while telling you how much he likes it.

Do people actually watch this pile of burning dogshite for entertainment?
Coughlan's, Douglas St.

25th Apr 2024 @ 7:30 pm
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John Blek

Coughlan's, Tomorrow @ 8pm

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