Far-Right Protests in Fermoy

Del Boy deleting tweets attacking lads going about their daily grind. He really is a pathetic oompa loompa. 😂😂😂


Fair play to Mr Gomez for giving it back to him about his immigrant wife.
He must have gotten some serious blow back to delete the tweets. He had that video up in a number of places and its been taken down everywhere now

Sounds like a threat of legal action or maybe they suggested he do a day's work.

In a separate note Amber Oil is currently the cheapest supplier of home heating oil in Cork. A great company worth supporting.
This Derek Blighe (what a lovely Irish surname he has!) person - never had heard of him before.
I was lucky.
Absolute pity.
How exhausting it must be to be constantly on - feeling threatened all the time, believing and propagating hate and nonsense.
God help us all if this type of character has clout.
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