Far-Right Protests in Fermoy

Spotted National Party vermin outside Donnchadh O'Leary's office on Togher Rd yesterday. They do know he's not in government, right?

The people protesting there might be dim but those who decided the location are far from dim. That's a deliberate tactic to undermine the National Partys populist 'competitior' Sinn Féin.

Holding it there is their way of saying to the public 'SF will be the same as the government when they get in, letting in tens of thousands of migrants. We'll sort that problem'. Look at their rhetoric online, they're keeping the most poisonous elements of their out of sight. They are being advised by English right wing strategists who have plenty experience.

There are hundreds of thousands of under 40s who want a house but can't get one (because of ten years of really bad housing policy by FF/FG) but the National Party know a portion of those desperate for a house (living in their parents box room) can be swung to vote hard right as long as they hammer home their 'solution' and undermine SF and the left.

The government has sleep walked the country into this anti refugee cesspit and as we've seen with anything from Black Friday to panic buying sliced pans when it snows, the Irish love a bandwagon.

The thicks out roaring at refugees or Shinners look too dim to be a genuine threat but it's the evil bastards in the background manipulating the situation that are far from stupid.
The housing crisis is no excuse for racism, violence and general lawlessness against migrants. The homeless crisis and housing refugees are two distinct issues which the far right and far left are happy to conflate. In recent weeks we've had the likes of Brendan Ogle, Ruth Coppinger & Mick Barry on radio using the plight of migrants to take cheap shots at the government on the issue of housing. I wouldn't trust those 3 individuals to wash a car tbh.
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