English football hooligans embarrassment.


Some bunch of wankers, what is it about the English that they just have to be total utter fucking scummy cunts?

Nobody likes the fucking English.


Comments are funny on these vids. :)

Michael J
Michael J15 hours ago
Fuck the French shit hole they can go and suck a dick fucking mugs
tAm DeBaam
tAm DeBaam13 hours ago
Quality banter ,,, not ! Fkn reptile

Published on Jun 9, 2016
Euro 2016 off to violent start as England fans clash with French youths ahead of Russia opener.

The trouble, apparently between English fans drinking there and some local people, drew the attention of riot police, who used tear gas and shields to separate the two groups.

An English football supporter has been rushed to hospital with a serious head wound after trouble flared between fans and locals in Marseille ahead of England's Euro 2016 opener against Russia.

High-spirited scenes descended into violence in the Old Port of the city in the early hours of Friday before riot police swooped and set off tear gas.

Violence flared between England fans and local youths in Marseille last night ahead of the team's Euro 2016 opener against Russia.

One Three Lions supporter suffered a serious head injury after being hit across the face with a wooden chair.

French riot police intervened with tear gas to separate England fans from a group of locals in Marseille on Thursday night.

England meets Russia for their first game of the European Championship in the southern city on Saturday, but there was already an incident outside an Irish pub in the Old Port.
ISIS love to see these cringing scum, bears out what they say about 'infidels'.

Still bet their moms say "They are really nice lads".
ISIS love to see these cringing scum, bears out what they say about 'infidels'.

Still bet their moms say "They are really nice lads".

I'm not into soccer tbh but I'd have to say, if it happened at a gig I was at or whatever, it would probably spoil the whole fucking thing for me.
I don't care what anybody says: going in to the old port area of Marseilles chanting "Isis Isis, Where Are You?" takes a lot of guts drunk or sober. No matter what you may think, you have to admire the bulldog spirit.
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