Elon Musk buys Twitter

His companies have indeed achieved great things, SpaceX's ability to reuse rockets is absolutely revolutionary. There is no doubt whatsoever that Tesla has been pivotal in accelerating the EV market.

But his net worth is declining fast, Tesla's share price is down over 50% this year, and there is no way in hell Twitter is worth $44bn now.

Anyway, back to the car crash that is undermining his credibility at a rate of knots, Twitter.

9 days ago, everyone back to the office:

2 days ago, gets workers to commit to work unpaid overtime or you're fired:

Today, eh, everyone work from home again, offices are closed:

Reports of a lot of people refusing to sign up to this "offer" of enormous amounts of unpaid overtime.

Looks like Twitter will be kept alive by the shittiness of the H1B visa process...
Plot twist:

Yup, everyone get into the office in San Francisco (somehow) today.

Don't live nearby?
No problem, get a flight and get there before midnight:

Lol. What a car crash.
Twitter has been off the chain of late. Now the Orange man is back, I might have to load up on some stocks too.
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