Douglas and Bishopstown lads


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Many make the erroneous assumption that because someone is from a well-to-do area and/or attended a fee paying school they're "slapless gomeys" and have learnt the error of their assumptions when they try it on. Seen it happen so many times. 😇
Exactly, he should say that to the likes of Peter O Mahony, a man born and breed in Douglas and went to a Private School.
It does not matter where a person is from as to whether or not they are " slapless gomeys ", kids growing in rough neighbourhoods have to potray a tough exterior in order that they fit in. Kids in better areas don't so perhaps Jellys is somewhat confused
A fat Bishopstown lad who worked out (fat and muscle), when I met him by chance thought I was going to beat the shite of him with his nervousness but I knew he would be renting all his life so let him off.

Corks finest

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Who never cut the dice, inspite of going to fee paying schools from privileged backgrounds and ending up in council pads or now in dead end jobs paying high rates for apartments due to thinking the world owed them a living and/or indolence, are you one of such? Share your thoughts and feelings here and we will reach out to you.
Tut tut baile an Easpaig Abu

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