The whole thing must've been dreamed up by planners who weren't familiar with conditions on the ground given they've come up with such a potential cluster-f**k!

They could've gotten Junior Cert students to come up with a more viable and realistic plan that would improve the streets for people and still have a working and realistic bus network that would get better buy in from the public on which they hope to rely.

And that’s why it will fail. The imposition of this by a bunch of unelected bureaucrats from Dublin was doomed from the start.
I’m sure they’d find someone to PEDAL their harebrained ideas. But like the bus connects cluster fuck they’ll probably SADDLE ordinary residents with the bill.
Joking aside. People need to put pressure on public reps like Dan Boyle, Oliver Moran, John Maher who support bus connects. It won’t be stopped until the people tell their politicians they don’t want it.
Camilla Griehsel's Mamasongue
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12th May 2024 @ 5:00 pm
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