The cyclist does not have to pull in to let the motorist pass, the motorist does not have the right pass if there is no room. Adding these 2 rules together indirectly gives the cyclist priority.

and adding two apples and oranges together gives you what? you’re not exactly comparing daddy long legs with moths, m8. they both operates at night, both have four wings it both have different objectives when it comes to night flying.
I've watched a lot of these videos that he puts up and have come to the conclusion that all he wants is a fight with everyone else on the road. I have no doubt that he'll get his wish granted one of these days. At this stage it's only a matter of time before he meets some looper that will put him in hospital. Life is too short to spend arguing with strangers on the roads.
In any of these I’ve seen he’s initially technically right but that’s only a part of the story.

Two issues from my perspective that undermine everything:
- He seems to knowingly put himself in danger, if you cycle with any regularity you’d know all about that pinch point on George’s Quay and wouldn’t dare risk it by not exercising additional caution there. There’s a pinch point further on as you cross over parliament bridge where the foot path kinks out where Maddens TV is, and there’s another one by Southern Star. You just have to be extra cautious in places like this where the road inflects back.
- He very quick cedes the high moral ground by picking fights with everyone. “Being right” and “winning the argument” seems to be more of a priority for him than safety. And perhaps as others mention, he seeks out these situations for Twitter attention.

I’m a huge fan of cycling but this carry on is doing no good.

Hank Scorpio

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He was coming from the east I reckon, passing Vernon Mount on his left as the loser in the truck beeped at him.

You cant get from Douglas to where he is on the Kinsale roundabout without being on the dual carriageway.

He is an absolute menace.

Clearly Jank with his put downs about someone driving a van not having a third level education. He presumes a lot for such a total ignorant browl.

Surprised at you tbh defending such a complete pig.

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