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For you the symbol brings awareness of cyclists, now think about it little harder, there's no room to pass here and the motorist doesn't have the right to overtake the cyclist. Now think about it a little harder, the cyclist does not have to pull in. Now think about it harder again, the cyclist has priority on this stretch. You can interpret the symbol whatever way you want, hopefully it's into your head that the cyclist has priority.

It's clearly very hard for you to grasp and it's tough arguing with a fool as they bring you down to their level.
Over and out.

Theres nothing in the rules of the road or the department of transport road markings about the use of this road marking.

Legally its meaningless.


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We don't agree on some things but why you did a job, how long you did it for, how it worked out for you is no one's business but your own and although I don't sometimes take this advice myself here - I wouldn't give the guy the oxygen of internalising it to the point where you feel you have to react with personal insight.
That is very true and thank you for that.


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When Rightobikeit did that last week in one of his videos, following exactly the rules of the road, he got a needless punishment pass from the SUV driver.
I didn't mention punishment passing or justifying it. I don't think it is ever justified.
All I said was the only place in the rules of the road a cyclist gets priority is per what I posted.


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It's a shared lane? Cyclists/cars don't have priority and must share the space?. I've nothing else to add unless you have some links other than you preaching about what it is. I couldn't find any but I'm working so didn't look very hard tbh
The best I could find relating to the symbol was on a cycling website, I don't even know what country but the symbol is the same.
These markings don’t mean you get to ride blithely in the middle of the road; they don’t provide the cyclists any special protection or rights. The markings simply show motorists that the road is commonly used by cyclists and that they should look out for bikes

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