You suggesting he deserved a broken collarbone and ribs?
Fits in well with some of the other rattled fools on this thread, there was another here that hoped he would in up in hospital just not intensive care, morons :rolleyes:
Imagine been that triggered by a guy that puts up videos of shite motorists on twitter.
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"Chelsea Embankment, 7am. On a summer morning there can’t be many nicer stretches of road to head down on your way into central London. The houseboats will just be stirring, the dog walkers taking advantage of the wide riverside pavements, strolling under the dappled shade of London planes. The speed limit is 20mph. Even the taxis have to maintain a sedate pace.
It would all be so civilised if it weren’t for the boy racers on two wheels rounding the bend at the yacht club, gearing up for one of the most hotly contested time trials in the capital.
A remarkable 52 miles per hour. That’s the record logged on Strava, the GPS fitness tracker, for a 0.63km stretch of road: a 20mph zone hugging the Thames. The leaderboard for the “Tite St to Chelsea Bridge” section of Chelsea Embankment shows it took the current reigning champion (or the “King of the Mountain”, as Strava record holders are known) just 27 seconds to complete on a Tuesday morning in July last year. Newly-crowned, he headed on, victorious, towards Millbank and over Vauxhall Bridge, stopping just past the Albert Embankment Gardens. You’d imagine he felt that was a commute well spent. The knowledge that cycling friends could log on and spot his morning achievements must have only added to the buzz.

I think they've got a point, the undeniable evidence from Strava GPS tracking is clear, cyclists are doing over 50mph/80kmph on the flat in central London.


Some "experts" claim that it's faster than elite Olympic athletes could achieve at their peak and it's almost certainly down to GPS glitches, but what would those espresso sipping, avocado munching, lycra lunatics know about that?
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